What Is Raw

Raw Juice Bar is committed to being an all-natural juice bar to give you the full health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Each juice bottle is freshly cold-pressed. We do not add artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

How do I order?

You can check our shop Here

When can I expect the delivery of my juices?

When you check out your products, you can choose your Preferred Date and Time of Delivery. We can deliver from 10am to 6pm daily.

Do you do same-day delivery?

We do next-day delivery as our juices are made to order. Orders past 4pm are considered as next-day orders already.

What are the different Series and Programs?

We offer Skin Series and Detox Program.

Detox Program cleanses the body by removing unhealthy and toxic substances in our body. Promotes better digestion, improves bowel movement, boosts immunity and mental focus, providing you an overall wellness reboot.

Skin Series gives you a healthier and more natural glowing skin. Aids in repairing damaged skin cells and prevents skin aging. Also packed with vitamins and antioxidants to boost immune system.

Will I lose weight during the Detox Program

Definitely! One day of this detox program can help you lose at least one pound.

Are the products safe for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Yes, pregnant and breastfeeding women can get the benefits and nutrients that are helpful for them and their child as well. However, the program can only be used as supplemental drinks additional to meals and not as a full detox. The maximum intake is up to 3 bottles a day.

Are the products safe for Kids

RAW juices are recommended for kinds. It is an excellent way to meet their nutrient requirements.

Can I drink other liquids during the Detox Program

While there is no problem drinking water in between juices, it is not recommended to take flavored drinks such as coffee, soda, milk, and alcoholic beverages.