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Skin Series

Skin Series

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  • A supplementary juice which gives a healthier and more natural glowing skin. Consists of 5 juice bottles (330ml per bottle) from Skin Series.

  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants to boost your immune system. Recommended to be taken with light, low-carb and low-fat meals.

    • S1: Guava, Yacon, Papaya, Singkamas
    • S2: Apple, Guava, Spinach
    • S3: Melon, Carrots, Watermelon
    • S4: Guava, Grapes, Watermelon
    • S5: Pear, Papaya, Melon
  • 30-minutes before meal

  • RAW juice has 2-3 days shelf life when refrigirated and kept sealed. Opened bottles should be consumed within 3-4 hours.

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